Until we meet again


The sands of time slip through fingers
The hands of the clock move on
Leaves fall and mighty trees too

Morning turns to night
Days into month and months to years
Memories fade and become a blur in the past

You can feel the smell
You can feel the ache
But you cant hear sound
And you can’t see the face

Why do I feel this numbing ache?
Why do my eyes well and wet my face
Why do I smile and yet cry at the end?
Why do I feel that this pain will never end?

You are gone and it will always be too soon
No one call tell me that this isn’t true
I hope you’re happy wherever you are
Maybe we will meet in the future
Until then I must remember you from afar

And all that you gave and all that you left
Smiling that you inspired so many
Yet sad that you could have inspired so many more

Rest easy my friend, until we meet again
You may not be here but you’re always within.

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